What ServicePASS is?

ServicePASS is a method ensuring the creation of a building information model (BIM) in accordance with the final needs of effective FM deployment from the time the building (construction object) is put into normal operation. This method is formulated in such a way that it can also ensure the additional creation of the so-called target model of the building from a usual bulding passport.

In a typical deployment, it intervenes gradually in all phases of the building's life cycle, i.e. planning, implementation, commissioning and routine operation of the building.

This method enables, in a simplified view, the building to be put into operation together with the set "service book". The term service book is borrowed here from the automotive industry, where it is well known to all owners or operators of motor vehicles.

It is a detailed documentation of the building (construction object) to the extent necessary for its effective maintenance and operation. The building is documented here for those sub-components to which it is necessary or meaningful to address individual maintenance actions, defect reports, or regular actions prescribed by legislation are linked to them.

We have developed our own FM platform for effective management of building management through ServicePASS - CleverFM.

We offer our customers ServicePASS in two options. You will not find their specification here in the brief content.

    ServicePASS BASIC

    • It contains a regulation of documentation obligations for DTE (revisions, inspections)
    • It brings a structured system for the creation of rental units and requests per tenant
    • I use Generally Acceptable (Slim BIM)
    • It works with an auditable system for creating a digital twin of the building (LaserScan, TE classification)


Includes all ServicePASS BASIC items plus:

  • Quantification of input parameters for the FM provider (cleaning, security, greenery, technical management of the facility)
  • Prescription of regular service operations (according to warranty conditions and user documentation) for selected technical devices